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Stargate Universe Challenge

A Weekly SGU Fic Challenge Community

Stargate Universe Weekly Fic Challenge
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prompts for SGU fanfiction and graphics
This is a challenge community designed to encourage Stargate Universe fics and fanworks!

Every Wednesday a prompt will be posted. Participants have two weeks to complete a fic or a graphics post based on that prompt. A masterlist will be posted the following week.


1.) This community is only for posting fics and/or graphics which are in response to our weekly prompts. A new prompt will be posted every Wednesday. All entries must be related to the current prompt...

2.) ...or to a previous prompt posted at this community! (i.e.: if you don't finish your prompt on time, post it anyway! More SGU fic is always a good thing. Late entries will not be included in any posted Master List, however).

3.) All entries should be related to Stargate Universe. Crossovers are acceptable, provided SGU is one of the fandoms being crossed.

4.) Entries can relate to any SGU character, group, pairing, threesome, moresome, etc. This community is slash, femslash, het, and gen friendly. Just make sure your entry is related to the prompt.

5.) You can post more than one entry per prompt if you are really inspired - again, the more SGU fic the better! Just be sure to post each response in a new post!

6.) Fanfiction entries should be a minimum of 100 words (a drabble). Since this community is designed to promote and encourage SGU fanfiction there is no maximum word count. However, fics longer than 100 words should be placed behind an lj-cut or a link back to your own journal.

7.) Post your fics either at this community or as a link back to your LJ, using this header (or something similar):
Author's Notes:

8.) Please give appropriate ratings and warnings, especially for explicit sexual or violent content. If you are posting graphics, any artwork or manips that are not safe for work (i.e. rated 'R' or 'NC-17') must be placed behind a cut and given a clear warning.

9.) Graphic posts - wallpapers, headers, banners, manips, fanmixes, fanvids, and even good old fashioned pencil-on-paper fanart are all acceptable forms of answering the weekly challenge prompts. However, please use thumbnails or place large graphics under a cut. If you are posting icons, you must post a set of a minimum of five icons directly related to the prompt.

10.) Do not link to any locked journals. Do not link to a journal entry which will only be public for a certain length of time. If you are found in violation of this rule, your entries will be purged from this journal (removed from master lists, memories, and deleted from the community).

The community moderator is kimmy4eytj. Feel free to PM me with any questions/concerns you may have about the comm. You can also leave a comment in this post.